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My Heart, My Heart

“And where are you off too Dear One?” said the Rabbit, “Where, but where do you run?”

“Oh but I’m running Dear Rabbit,” said the big-eyed girl, “I’m running, running away!”

“Yes, but where is it that you are running Dear One?” exclaimed the Rabbit, “Where, but where?”

“…Well, i don’t know Dear Rabbit…I don’t know where…only that I must, I must,” said the scared-eyed girl.

“Running without a where?!” shouted the Rabbit. “Running without a where?! No such thing! You have to know where you are going! You have to know what you are doing! Well, what will you ever do if you get lost? Trapped? Alone? Broken? What ever will you do?!”

“…Why Dear Rabbit, I don’t know…I don’t know what ever will I do…I don’t know…” said the soul-eyed girl.

“All I know is that my heart, my heart says I must.”


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